Monday, March 10, 2014


[golden balloons for a golden birthday]
as you may know, i recently celebrated my 27th birthday. and, while i'm not big on being hung up on age, i had been pretty excited for this one since this would mark my golden year (as i turned 27 on the 27th)! T very sweetly surprised me that day with 27 golden balloons to make my birthday wish.

[the amazing cake my mom made for my family celebration]

between family celebrations, T took me out on a sunset picnic, we got to listen to one of our local music favorites, and got our friends together for a fun day of wine tasting and dinner.

[toasting in the best way, with spiked milkshakes]

the weekend was finished off with a cozy day spent indoors while a snow storm blew through. it was the perfect way to celebrate and filled with all things that i love. so, here's to seeing what my golden year brings!

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