Monday, March 24, 2014


i just love seeing all the trees and flowers start to bloom now that spring is finally here. the sun is staying out longer, temperatures are warming, and the birds are all a chatter. i absolutely love it. everything about this season just rejuvenates me, and makes me feel over-excited at even the smallest of things (like picnics, rose wine, and the smell of freshly cut grass). here's what i'm looking forward to most:
  • taking the pups on short am runs to enjoy the fresh blooms
  • get together with friends to try new brunch spots
  • have a daily sunset cocktail hour with T to unwind from the day
  • try out new taco concoctions
  • explore more via biking around town
  • go through my clothes and donate what's not being used
  • complete our project of building a picnic table (for al fresco dinners)
  • experiment more with floral patterns in my wardrobe
  • plant basil, rosemary, and mint
  • paint more!
can't wait to check these off! so, i'm curious, what are you looking forward to this season?

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