Monday, March 31, 2014

over the weekend

[candied bacon in progress...]
last weekend, T and i drove up to tulsa to celebrate my dad's birthday and tackle some wedding to-do's. it was absolutely lovely from start to finish, and left us feeling refreshed for the coming week. here are a few snippets i captured along the way...

[said bacon from the above picture packaged a ready to deliver to my papa...he loved it :)]

[lots of cake tasting...5 bakeries to be exact]

[an inside joke with our friends i couldn't help but take advantage of; #elephantintheroom]

[drinks + amazing sushi combos + great views + family = a great lunch break]

[having an afternoon cocktail hour to unwind]

[my mom is such a babe]

[perfect family dinner. a new addition in favorite family memories]

[new book i can't wait to crack in to]
sadly not pictured but, a great moment, was our family birthday party held sunday. i learned about puppies with polka dots from my little cousin lyla, had dynamite grilled goods, and enjoyed some great laughs with our family.
here's to a happy start of the week!

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