Wednesday, March 19, 2014

life, according to my iphone

[standing at the center of the universe with T; finding little wonders at our wedding venue]
tomorrow is the first official day of spring and i am seriously ready for it. winter, we've had some good times and i know you and the groundhog have decided to extend it this year. but, i think we need to reconsider. it's time. you know it and i know it, so, head on home so spring can come visit. okay, i'm glad we had this talk. thanks.

[my sweet prince trying to wake me up and take a selfie; drinks at the mule with friends]

[exercising under supervision by a big cottonball; cozy knits on a chilly day]

[remnants of great times had; baking cinnamon rolls on a chilly snow day]

[a light dusting; sweet valentine goodies from T. and yes, those are cupcakes]

[sweet valentines from laun and a yummy tres leches cake; aren't they sweet?]

[spiky neutral beauty; making lasagna for my parents, so happy they loved it]

[gallery showing featuring T; awkward face during outfit posing]

[matching my nails to my post-its; a sweet gift from T]

[enjoying an impromptu spring day the best way we know how]

[our neighbor's kitty likes sunning herself on our porch; sweet birthday surprises]

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