Friday, July 24, 2015

anchor down okc

happy friday everyone! let's toast to the weekend with cocktails, patio lounging, and corn dogs...yum. granted these weren't the reward to enduring the blazing heat and carnival rides at the state fair but, they were just as mouth-watering all the same.  

last weekend, my parents + T and i checked out anchor down, a new restaurant specializing in gourmet corn dogs as well as some insanely delicious hush puppies. i've always been a sucker for corn dogs but, these took the cake. the batter, the 'dogs' themselves, the locally made condiments...oh man. it was too good. my favorites: the roger dog (i'm a sucker for the classic), the wild dog (this week's meat used was hog, yum), and the cheese dog (talk about an unexpected favorite. it was like having the corn dog version of a grilled cheese with tomato soup. what!). 

[watering hole]

[the savory hush pup]

[so good. so happy]

[isn't she cute?]


[the sweet hush pup]

[remodeled shipping containers never looked so good]

needless to say, we are all big fans and will be back very soon. keep up the great work anchor down!

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