Friday, July 10, 2015

stars and stripes

happy friday! last weekend, T and i hosted our annual 4th of july fiesta and, man, it was a blast. the 4th is one of T's favorite holiday filled with the big three - grilled goodies, summertime cocktails, and fireworks. every year we've been together, we have hosted, and every year, it gets better and better. 

[introducing my nephew to poppers]

[cornhole, always a necessary]

[so many delicious dishes]

[the gals]

[my hunky, grill-mastering patriot ;)]


[the gents]

the party was going great until a burst of rain blew through. but, it's the holiday weekend so, what do we do? run and play in it! i swear, i think we made my nephew's day splashing in the puddles, running relay races, and helping him become one with the mud. 

once the rain subsided, we rounded up the gang to go see the big show at the was such a great show and left us in awe. 

afterwards, we kept up the excitement with loads of sparklers, smoke bombs, and roman candles. a perfect end to the most amazing day, and another memorable 4th in the books. happy 239!


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