Monday, July 6, 2015

home improvement

the last week + has been one for the books folks. between getting some projects completed around the house, having weeknight drinks with friends, dinner with family, one stellar birthday pool party + water gun fight, and a sweet wedding shower, it has been slammed. i seriously love this season and all the fun it brings. one of those recent home projects was a barn door for our bathroom! 

when we initially bought the house, i had been looking for a spot to use a sliding door but, couldn't find a doorway that jumped out at me. then, we had our halloween party and, within an hour, our bathroom pocket door came off it's track. not an emergency, so we made due with it until we could get our contractor out to inspect it. then, the sad news order to fix it, he'd have to knock out the wall to fix the track itself. boo... so, we started weighing out our options. then, my initial idea for a barn door finally looked like a real solution! and so, here we are, on this week's home improvement, T and i take on the bathroom door (with some help from my dad :))

after weighing ideas for what i wanted the door to look like, i went with a couple of options put together. i wanted some way to use geometric shapes with a bright, bold color. so, after staining the door, we painted 2/3s solid, and left the latter half to be filled with triangles. 

once the gorgeous yellow paint dried, we brought it in to tape up with triangles. and for any who are curious, i did measure out the rows in advance but, free-handed the shapes. i'm not one for being too anal about that kind of stuff plus, i thought it would be fun to just wing it...and i have to say, i really love how it came out. 

[trail and error of the door hanging kit]

[the sweetest fur helper]

we'll add on a handle on either side as well as seal up the pocket door at some point but, for now, i am happy to simply have a working door/new piece of eye candy. 

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