Wednesday, March 2, 2016


hey hey! hope everyone was able to enjoy the sun-filled weather we've been having lately. this is by far the most pleasant weather i've ever had on my birthday. normally, it is frigid out, and the winds always bring in one last gust of wintry mix. but, this year, i wore actually wore sandals with no layering in sight! it was completely unexpected, and completely wonderful. 

friday, T and i celebrated just us two (plus the pups) reenacting one of our favorite dates. of course, T had several surprises up his sleeve including the adorable birthday balloon above (i absolutely love's a little silly how giddy they make me), fresh florals, a tender poem, and several others...that guy really does know the way to my heart.  


[new vinyls]

then, saturday morning breakfast by chef T, and a couple of private events to go to before my parents got into town. 

we snacked for a bit, and then made our way to dinner at my favorite, the drake. i swear, i could eat there every week, and still find more to love about it. plus, i'm a huge seafood fan, so it is a match made in fishy heaven. 

[cocktail hour]

we indulged in killer cocktails, dynamite oysters, amazing dishes, and all the desserts. basically, i was as happy as a clam. okay, okay, i know, that was a little cheesy. but, that dinner (company included) was some kind of wonderful. start to finish, it was the perfect night with my loved ones. 

[solo getting all the cuddles]

[the most colorful gift basket from my parents]

sunday, we were treated to breakfast from chef T (seriously, he knows how to do breakfast right! thank goodness i married him :) ) before my parents had to head back home. their visit, and the weekend itself, felt so sweet and so short -- filled with warm moments, and lots of laughter. 

[chimichurri sauce -- perfect for grilled tacos]

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