Monday, March 21, 2016

wedding shower

last saturday, T and i got together with our friends to help celebrate the upcoming wedding for m+j. these two are some of our absolute favorite people, and just so happen to be one of our favorite couples too. so, spending a night showering them with a kinds of love and awesomeness was an easy yes.    

[m+j balloons]

[70s van made an appearance]

[smiles all around]

[prettiest bride-to-be]

there were great tunes (of course), tasty snacks, and just all around wonderful company. i'm pretty sure at some point T and i may have agreed to a future lip sync battle with our friends. 

[testing out party napkins in advance...#typos]


then at one point, the guys broke out into know, normal wedding shower stuff ;)

[pug life with bruce]

getting closer and closer to the big day with under 30 days to go!

[all the girls]

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