Monday, March 7, 2016

springing forward

[cool sweet treats]

there are bright green buds on the trees, flowers sprouting up all around, and the days are starting to stretch further and further. it seems that big groundhog was right, and spring is coming early! i'm equal parts excited and nervous -- nervous because i live in tornado alley, and a potentially long spring means more tornadoes and flooding. but, let's not focus on dwell on that. let's think of all the great things to come instead :)

here's what i'm looking forward to...
  • tackle our record display project
  • bring T out to more saturday hot yoga sessions
  • make another icebox pie. but this time, lemon blueberry
  • trek out to this locale for another camping weekend with my boys
  • track down a succulent that could act as an indoor tree
  • enjoy cocktail hour on the front porch with the windows open to hear our records
  • (hopefully) find new dresser options for our bedroom and the guest room
  • plant mini roses and pest-repellent plants in the backyard
  • get back out to stinchcomb for a day hike

[squishy nose]

[colorful workout gear]

[boba, creeping from a far]

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