Friday, March 18, 2016

awesome and awkward

[old fashioned + oysters]

  • the guardians of the galaxy soundtrack has been on repeat lately which has lead to a lot of dance parties in our house.
  • small personal win - i haven't killed any of the plants in our house. not one. some are even outgrowing their pots, believe it or not!
  • without T knowing i had my eye on it, he surprised me with chrissy teigen's new cookbook, cravings. it'll be quite the balancing act between working through her delicious book, and rotating healthier options. but, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do ;) 
  • i had worn one of my favorite sweater dresses to work, and found it had bright pink pit stains. i'd been raising my arms up quite a bit throughout the day, and (sadly) only caught it once i got home.  
  • while out and about, a stranger asked if i had been feeling ill or got enough sleep. neither were the case, and when i let said so, they followed with, "are you sure?" ...yeah, pretty sure. but, thanks anyway. 

[cute paws]

[lobster bisque of my dreams]

[hat model]

[dessert time]

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