Monday, March 14, 2016

life, according to my iphone

[florals are blooming; saturday happy hour]

we've officially sprung forward, and you know what that means? all of those delicious fruits will be in season! i always get so excited just thinking about all the yummy things i can make -- from strawberry ice cream, icebox pies, mixed berry crostadas, and grilled pears with caramel. the only problem now is to decide which recipe to whip up first :)

[midweek dinner with friends; my boys]

[squash for grilling; gift for my best]

[jedi in training (you will give me the pizza)]

[bright workout gear; colorful happy mail]

[breakfast sandwich; my favorite pug]

[blooming trees; all the takeout]

[salt 'n pepper; funky leggings]

[honey oat bread; storm's coming]

[an old favorite; spacey workout theme]

[hanging with his curtain; lunchtime]

[smoothie run; okc walking]

[roadside views]

[pinterest-y details; sneaky pup]

[my shadow; sun break]

[sunset peek; favorite cola]

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