Friday, May 19, 2017


a ceremony set over sweet words, waves crashing, and an absolutely stunning bride and groom. a reception filled with cheers, dancing, ocean dips, and a wrestling match. put both together, and you have a recipe for a unique and fun wedding. 

we first started out the day relatively relaxed before all the primping began. think a delicious brunch, watching my best friend's wedding, and lounging in bed. then came the makeup, hair, snacking, and dress prepping. 

[bride's bouquet]

[hair: check!, makeup: check!]


[post-ceremony celebrations]

once the two lovebirds said their i do's, it was time for photos against the most gorgeous backdrop. 

[bride and m.o.b]

[the hunkiest date]

[welcome to the wives club]

once the photos were done, it was time to par-tay. at some point, larry had a wrestling match with his former football coach who also used to wrestle professionally. it had the classic chair slam, a body slam, and even a tap out. plus, a dance party to all the bride's favorite spice girls songs. it was nuts!  

[daddy-daughter dance]

[mother-son dance]

[post-moh speech (above and below)]

congrats again larry and alex, and thanks for bringing us all out to the dominican republic!

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