Wednesday, May 31, 2017

vintage find

i just love a good vintage find, don't you? i've always felt what makes a vintage find that much better is the story behind it...and believe me, this one is pretty good. one of my local favorite shops featured a photo of this dress noting the shop would be out at that friday's art walk. so, i thought i would check into it in person, keeping my fingers crossed it would fit and look as cute in person as i'd hoped. so, i practically raced over after work to see if it was still there. it was still there, it fit like a glove, and looked even cuter in person. 

as i go to check out, i start chatting up the gal who worked there. come to find out she not only owns the shop, but is adorably friendly and sweet. we got to talking about supporting local, our favorite tee styles, and great food. to say i'm a fan of her and her shop would be a big understatement. 

[surprise! it's a romper]

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