Wednesday, May 17, 2017

catamaran-ing around

i don't know that i could set out on a catamaran everyday. but, i can tell you i wouldn't turn it down on a weekly basis. doesn't setting out on the water with breaks to dip in the ocean sound like the perfect way to de-stress? well, i certainly think so, and seriously loved our catamaran excursion planned while we were out in the DR. 

[caribbean bliss]

we first sailed around the area for a bit before dropping anchor at a nearby reef for snorkeling. the water, reef, and fish were gorgeous. i fell in love with an adorable puffer-like fish who seemed to be quite the talker. then, we sailed off again for the next part of our 'venture. 

[bros matching]

later, we dropped anchor again to a beautiful sandbar where our captain brought the bar out on the water, turned up the tunes, and we got to boogieing. 

[the bride and (most of) her 'maids]


[the whole gang]

[all the gals]

[beefy bros]

anchors away!

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