Monday, May 15, 2017

down in the DR

a couple of weeks ago, T and i flew out to the dominican republic for alex and larry's wedding. it was a whirlwind of a week filled with loads of sun, pina coladas, and newly wedded bliss. i couldn't have been happier to watch my best become married to her beloved...and the fact that we were on the beach? it couldn't have been more picture perfect. 

[getting stir-crazy mid-flight]

[post-flight relaxing]

after a long day of traveling, T and i kept it relatively low-key our first night aside from meeting up with some of the gang for after dinner drinks. but, after a good night of rest, we were ready to enjoy a full day out at the beach. it was just what the doctor ordered. 

[sun-soaking with the bride-to-be]

[swim-up bar hanging]

that night, the guys were due to treat larry to a stags night out so, the girls got together for a little hens romp too! 

[cocktails and dance lessons]

[ombre shots]

[T and larry cutting a rug]

the day before the big day, the wedding party set out for a catamaran excursion (post to come). needless to say, it was a blast, and left us all wishing it could have been for just a little longer. 

[channeling my inner mermaid]

that night, T and i had a spectacular dinner then, met up with the bridal party for one last drink before i took the bride away to get some beauty sleep. we did of course have to watch her favorite rom-com (the wedding date) first ;)

then...the big day (post to come)! 

it really was such a beautiful day filled with all the happy tears...thank goodness for waterproof mascara :)

[relaxing before heading out to the airport]

but like all good things, it had to come to an end. stay tuned for more posts this week from our caribbean 'ventures!

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