Monday, May 1, 2017

wedding week

this week marks my best's wedding week! after all the planning, happy tears, and nights sipping wine to destress, the big day is nearly here. i couldn't be more excited to watch her walk down the aisle to her beloved, larry. this gal and i have been on quite the adventure together, and i can't wait for our new chapter of the wives club ;) 

to crack into the celebrations, i thought i'd share some snapshots of my girl and i through the years. i'm already counting down the hours until i am pre-wedding day celebrating with these two on the beach. an early congrats you two!

[christmas-themed date party]

[homecoming chair, and float chair on parade day]

['paint your date' date party pre-paint being thrown]

[newly 21 year olds]

[goofing around on girls night]

[christmas crafting]

[roof adventurers]

[getting dolled up for the ballet]

[the a's joint birthday bash]

[bestie love]

[attractive bundling up for cooler tailgating]

[she said 'yes' to the dress]

[celebrating a new decade together]

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