Wednesday, July 16, 2014


[fresh peaches...a thing of beauty]

have you ever found yourself so elated at great news that hasn't directly happened to you? this frequently happens to me when i hear great news about loved ones and this past weekend was a dozy. while on their adventure-filled weekend in oregon, my two darlings, laun & andrew, got engaged! ever since i got the ecstatic phone call from them, i have been grinning from ear to ear. so, alex and i concocted a plan to surprise them at the airport when they returned to congratulate them in person. and while we were all so exhausted (the flight came in pretty late), we couldn't pass up the opportunity to show them just how much we loved them.  

[an impromptu date with my baldy]

[polka dot toes]

[the most dapper gin bottle]

[two of my favorites got engaged]

[a surprise for the newly engaged lovebirds]

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