Monday, July 28, 2014

a night at the drive-in

last friday, T and i got together with our friends to celebrate laun's birthday. granted, her birthday was in the beginning of the month but, with all the excitement (since they are now engaged and back from traveling) we didn't get to celebrate properly. so, we thought a night at the drive-in would be the perfect way to toast to our sweet friend. our friday night features were hercules and rise of the planet of the apes - great choices to ensure an entertaining night ahead of us. 

[loading up on snacks]

[blurry but, cute]

both features were extremely entertaining and perfect for enjoying at the drive-in together. with the side-commentary, our mid-movie entertainment break from the guys, and our mini cocktails, it was a night to remember in all the best ways. 

[movie break snapshot]

[our entertainment - classic dance moves by T and larry]

can't wait to come back again before it closes at the end of the season!

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