Friday, July 25, 2014

life, according to my iphone

[the chef and sous chef; a sweet cake i made for my s.i.l]

this past week, has been a hot, sticky mess. i know, it is summertime but, it would be nice to get a little breeze going every now and again. sadly, that is not the summer my sweet home state gives...but, a girl can dream right? until then, my plans this weekend are to try to keep cool with lots of ice cream runs, fun sundresses, and a tasty cocktail. 

[a crafty gift i made for my niece-to-be]

[hump day margies and guac; bright colors to spruce up a long day]

[little snippets of home]

[cucumber margies; my favorite bumper sticker to date and very true]

[mouth-watering delights in tulsa]

[morning light; a pop of color]

[midday pizza break; my mom and my little cousin lyla. so cute together]

[a fanciful fountain; i love the light at my grandparents' house]

[trying out some new products; the happiest pug you ever did see]

[bruce, the pug, had to get in on this group photo; working out at the stadium]

[a little nail pizzazz; found these two relaxing while on a walk]

[a good day for a ride; fishy decisions]

[tasty gelato combinations; a pouty and pensive pup]

[a new friend catching some shade; sunny flowers]

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