Wednesday, July 23, 2014

sweet peach of mine

i absolutely love peach season. it is, in my opinion, one of the best things about summer. aside from watermelon, it is the quintessential summer fruit. i love snacking on them by themselves but, when made into a crumble, cobbler, or grilled...there is nothing better! i haven't been much for peach pie since they take so much labor to make until, i came across the crostata. crostatas are, simply put, a deconstructed pie without the hassle of making two crusts. which is perfect, if you're like me, and want the pie in a hurry. this recipe is so easy to whip up, i've already made three in the past month! plus, i love the combination of sweet and tangy. trust me when i say, you will not be sorry you made this. 


personal notes for this recipe: 
don't skip using raw sugar. it may seem like it won't make a huge difference just using plain 'ole processed sugar but, it truly does. the crust is not as delicious or as visually appealing without it.

also, after trying the recipe with longer peach slices and cut-up chunks, i have to say the chunks are much better. it's easier to get good pieces of the crostata with ample amounts of goodies with the chunks than the long slices. plus, i just felt like it gelled better, if that makes sense.  

[buttery, flaky crust]

[fresh mint from our front yard]

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