Friday, July 18, 2014


[my sweet boy]

so, you may or may not have noticed i've been a little in and out on posting lately. not too long ago, we said farewell to one of our family members, bear (pictured above). and while i know that it is just the way life works to lose loved ones, it was very hard for me. bear had been in my life since i was eleven and had been the first animal companion i had felt such an affinity for. not to say i haven't loved any dogs i've had prior to him or since then but, he was the first. when i learned it was time, T and i drove home that very weekend to spend time with him and say goodbye. as painful as it was, it will probably be a weekend i will treasure always. since then, i've come to feel more peace with his passing but, not without quality time with those who are nearest and dearest to me. i managed to snap a few photos of those sweeter moments and i hope you enjoy. 

[a delicious family dinner]

[summer-themed dessert to celebrate jana's birthday]

[my two bests]

[my sweet boba who stayed close to me to make me feel better]

[great laughs]

[shuffleboard - one of my favorite bar games]

[one of my closest at a local favorite]

[the boys back together]

[elation from a fun nighttime bike ride]

[getting lost on purpose with my boys]

[got air?]

[this one gave lots of kisses in between naps to make me feel better]

[late night fire pit sitting]

[lots of pool lounging with friends]

[adorable moments from T's nephew]

[surprising great friends]

[mini adventures with my momma]

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