Wednesday, July 30, 2014

not all cowboys and indians

i am always on the hunt for a new okie-themed tee to add to my wardrobe. for one, i love supporting local businesses, two, i love the creativity that goes into making a funky logo, and three, if they're the right softness and style - i practically live in them. when i first came across this one from darby & dash, i knew i had to have it. in the past, when i've met someone who wasn't from oklahoma, the first thing they would ask was "isn't it all cowboys and indians down there?" and "don't you ride around on horses and tumbleweeds?". to both questions, i would quickly say no, with the added, i had never even seen a tumbleweed! (not kidding, i saw my very first tumbleweed a few years ago and at first look, didn't know what it was) this tee seemed to be the cute but, sassy answer to those non-oklahomans ;)

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