Wednesday, September 10, 2014

bridal shower

sorry for the gap in posts, i've been sick since middle of last week with a nasty cold. thankfully, i'm on the mend minus a few sniffles and coughs here and there. aside from feeling icky, my amazing moh threw me the sweetest bridal shower over the weekend at one of my favorite restaurants in okc. i was so floored by how much thought and meaning went into the entire event, start to finish. from the delicious food to the champagne punch to the decor to the intimate was tailor-fitted to my personality.  

[my amazingly stylish and cute momma]

after we snacked a bit, we played "how well do you know the bride?". it was a series of questions that ranged from what my favorite foods were to my favorite movies. what made it even better were some of the creative answers the girls had! from there, i opened up some darling gifts and shared some hilarious moments. 

it meant so much to me to see my friends get together to celebrate this moment in my life and only makes me that much more excited for the next less than a month fly by! thank you girls for coming and a HUGE thank you to my are nothing short of wonderful.  

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