Friday, September 26, 2014


[fun color contrasts]

we are now down to a week away from the wedding and i am cannot wait! it feels like i've been slowly creeping up to the top of a rollercoaster with all the excitement and jitters building up. but, before i know it, i'll feel a huge rush of endorphins as the coaster flies down that big hill! did i mention how much i love rollercoasters?! well, i do, and this one is looking like it'll be the best one yet :)

[that pup grin is just the cutest]

[boba's duckie...apparently, he thought it looked better without the beak]

[he was rocking alex's bag]

[citrusy ice cream combos]

[a very happy japanese red maple against fluffy clouds]

i'll return to my normal blogging schedule once we are back from our sun and ocean-filled honeymoon in the middle of next month!

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