Friday, September 19, 2014

life, according to my iphone

[lovely florals found on a walk; solo's first peach]

this weekend has all the promise of being pretty great. T and i will be checking out the state fair, he and his nephew (who is 3 years old) will have their joint birthday party, and we will cross off more to-do's for the wedding. i am also thinking an apple crisp may be in our very near future :)
have a great one!

[bbq potato, a thing of wonder; visiting a local farm]

[a gorgeous crostada; catching the super moon]

[trying shaved ice with a co-worker; yummy gelato combinations]

[bed lounging; indecisive pizza combinations]

[colorful cds; spooning fur babes]

[good hair day; midday break with mexican coke]

[ramen for lunch; meeting my new niece!!]

[gameday with the girls; festive car load]

[hanging with my favorite pug; cool snacking and funky nails]

[giving the pups a cool snack; making something extra delicious]

[hanging poolside; impromptu lunch with T]

[sweet boys hanging]

[chicken noodle soup - always a good idea; funky lanterns]

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