Wednesday, September 24, 2014

the in between

[hanging by the firepit with my boys]

lots of sweet mini moments had lately which i suppose is the case as we get closer and closer to our wedding day. and while i am so happy about the big day to come, these small ones have been pretty wonderful in the meantime. i hope you enjoy them too!

[hanging in bed with this cute pup]

[T's early birthday present]

[a light shower while on a walk with the pups]

[sushi to celebrate a friend's birthday]

[checking out the annual 'stache bash in okc]

[the most darling set-up]

[loaded so good]

[enjoying some great local photos and music]

[a dashing ice cream flavor]

[checking out the fair with T and l&a]

[kooky signs]

[my beefcake testing his strength]

[some adorable prizes T won for me]

[our nephew finding his inner dinosaur with his new toy we got him for his birthday]

[kid-sized playthings]

[fun blowing bubbles]

[T holding his niece for the first time]

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