Wednesday, September 17, 2014

falling for autumn

it's getting to be that time of year again where the leaves start to change, there's at least one holiday a month to get excited about, and i can now make stews and soups regularly without getting strange looks. that's right, it's fall! here's what i'm looking forward to:
  • meet a certain baldy at the end of the aisle come october 4th
  • check out the state fair and sample new food combos with great people watching
  • make apple cider from scratch
  • take the boys on more walks to enjoy the changing colors
  • whip up another batch of stew
  • spend a day hiking around here
  • go pumpkin hunting with T at the local patch
  • savor cooler fall nights with jammy red wines and cozy blankets
also, happy birthday T! you are the ornery, thoughtful, adventurous, studly, teddy-bear of my dreams and i cannot wait to get married to you. you are everything i could have ever dreamed of and then some. our pups and i are so lucky to call you ours. and while i can't agree that there is a right way to put on a new toilet paper roll, i couldn't imagine life without you.

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