Wednesday, January 27, 2016

awesome and awkward

[snow day]

  • over the weekend, T and i completely rearranged the living room. it's inspired several diy projects, and i am really excited about it. i'll post photos of it when it's finished but, i can already tell it's going to be my new favorite room in the house.
  • jiro ono's description of umami: it is the sensation of "ahh", or when something is perfect in every way -- "the first taste of beer...the first dip into a bath"
  • T and i have finally gotten into bob's burgers. it is every bit as hilarious as our friends promised. plus, tina is my favorite.  
  • for some time now, solo has started cuddling with all curtains in the house. it first started as a way for him to play hide and seek (i didn't have the heart to tell him i could see him), then he would drape it over his back like a cape, then just sitting behind them, and now cuddling under them when he sleeps. it's like his blankie, and it's pretty adorable. 
  • not too long ago i was watching an old favorite and found myself empathizing with the parents in the movie...i know. it was probably the most adult moment i've ever had. is this adulting??

[adorably festive]

[banana cream pie 'mallows]

[gorgeous roadside views]

[happy hour]

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