Monday, January 25, 2016

sunday funday

sundays are best spent one of two ways: full-on rest day (movie marathons, pjs, and delicious breakfast treats made at home) or the sunday funday (decadent brunch, exploring new gems, and great cocktails). either way, the main agenda is to indulge and enjoy. one of my favorite sunday fundays this month was spent at the drake

after our first experience here, we were curious to sample more oysters. typically when sampling oysters (in and outside of our state), you don't get the choice of picking what area they're from. the option is to either have whatever oysters the restaurant has purchased or not to. so, this was a great way to see what we liked and learn the differences in flavor. 

[first round picks]

after sampling all the oysters we could, we found our favorite flavor profiles were: briny, savory with a sweet finish, and firm. our number one pick was the diamond point followed by the moonstone and the kumamoto...all made even more delectable by the drake's rose, and cucumber mignonettes. 

[one last round of our favorite]

such a great way to close out the week, forget about the cold weather, and treat ourselves. until next time drake.

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