Friday, January 15, 2016

parallel forest

a hike to remember -- this is what instantly comes to mind when i think about our trek to parallel forest in the wichita wildlife refuge. the forecast said there would be a wintry mix blowing through so, what better way to enjoy it than hiking through it? the pups love snow so, we figured they would have a blast playing in it, and boy, were we right. thankfully, m+j (plus chuck, the boxer) were game to come out with, so we made a day of it. 

parallel forest, for those who don't know, is named so because of the odd spacing of the entire forest. story goes, that the trees were initially planted after the dust bowl (as a prevention tool to help block the wind), and had been spaced (intentionally or not) 6 feet in either direction from each other. the end result is this visually gorgeous terrain that when snowing, was magical. also, the trees are so thick and healthy, when wind blew, jana and i marveled at how much the trees "talked" and creaked. 

[reenacting mortal kombat] 

as i stated before, the pups love snow, so they went nuts running through it the moment we got there. and even though a snowy hike was a first for them, i think it was a quick favorite. i don't think i've ever seen boba so in his element (below).

[creek crossing: all the pups bolted towards it to take a dip]

[so gorgeous, above and below]

[boba thought that was his tree]

the flurries of snow, the quiet babbling of the creek, and the chill in the air couldn't have been more picturesque. i couldn't get over how beautiful it all was. 

[m+j (with chuck), and T+i]

such a great experience only made that much more memorable by sharing it with such great company. and while, i never thought i'd say this, i am a fan of hiking in the snow. only next time, i hope there's more of it!

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