Friday, January 22, 2016

life, according to my iphone

[teensy succulent; bike gang]

earlier this week, i hit a milestone in my exercise routine. it was completely unexpected but, amazing nonetheless. typically when i go to the gym, i bring my notebook with all my routines in it and just pick which i want to do on the spot. but that day, i picked the hardest one. one that i haven't been able to make it through in its entirety. in the past, i had taken shortcuts, or could only take on half the routine before hitting my exhaustion mark. but, this day, i kept going, and going, and going. until, i looked down at my book and noticed i finished the whole workout! i couldn't believe it. i finally did it...and i never thought i would get there. it felt so empowering to meet that goal head on without even meaning to. 

so, here's to hitting our milestones no matter how big or small :)

[afternoon napping; bourbon sipping]

[funny wine label; dj tom at powerhouse]

[gent chat]

[log cabin of my dreams; sweet disappearing message]

[getting cozy; these guys...]

[cute christmas cards; my 'rents' turkey soup, yum]

[happy hour; can i have one?]

[cheers!; waiting for star wars]

[new mural; beer chats]

[funky christmas present (my fave); holiday gifts]

[old snap of my grandma; biggie smalls]

[christmas vibes]

[the cutest; friendship soup]

[stellar sunset; window display]

[hole in the wall delights; hanging with bea and bruce]

[santa cookies; :)]

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