Wednesday, January 20, 2016

kite trail

there is something to be said for oklahoma weather. if you ask any native, they could all tell you that on any given day (regardless of the forecast) you could expect freezing winds, hail, blistering heat, downpours, and springlike temps. and that none of this would be surprising to them at all. this state teaches you to roll with the punches with its crazy, unpredictable weather...that, and to always have an umbrella handy at the very least. 

while out at the wichitas, the first half of the day was filled with gorgeous snow flurries and frigid temps. after returning from a seriously delicious lunch at a nearby hole in the wall, we (T and i, m+j, and the pups) set out for the second leg of our trek. true to okie weather, the snow cleared, the sun finally came out, and aside from the brisk wind, it was the exact opposite of that morning. 

[bison grazing by the road]

seeking something different from parallel forest, we found ourselves on kite trail, a hilly, rock-filled hike. surprisingly, the pups did very well on it and at times, better than the rest of us. boba, of course, led the pack often times looking for a good ridge to peek over...he really has no fear, that one. 

[king of the ridge]

surprise, surprise, the pups made a run for the stream to swim to their hearts content the moment they laid eyes on it. there really seems to be no temp of water they won't play in. you would have thought it was mid-summer, the way they ran in and out while playing altogether.

[king of the ridge, fur-less version]

[savoring the views, above and below]

once we made it to the top of the ridge, we spotted a set of natural pools that T now has his eyes on for summertime swimming. i quickly reminded him that we aren't allowed to swim there but, i have a feeling he didn't catch that ;)

[group shot]

another dynamite time spent in the great outdoors with another killer hike under our belt. the pups and us went home happy, and ready to warm our toes. 

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