Wednesday, January 6, 2016


is it too early to miss holiday break already? it feels like it was just yesterday i spent my days in pjs, wrapped up in holiday movie marathons, sipping on all the mulled wine, sweet treats, and quality time i could stand. to help soothe my post-christmas blues, i thought a recap of our celebrations were in order...

[my nephew, showing me where the presents were]

T's family christmas:

we've been alternating which side has christmas eve and day for as long as T and i have been together. this year, since it was my side's turn, we celebrated with T's side early. to make it extra fun, we went with a mexican theme as a break from the typical holiday foods. it was kinda the best, hold the kinda ;)

[present chaos]


and we of course got to snack on and take home some of T's mom's homemade fudge. it seriously is the best, and this is coming from someone who doesn't like, you know i'm telling the truth. and i don't even like fudge! but, hers is, and will be, the only exception.

[T with his niece]

[post-gifting aftermath]

our mini christmas:

before we drove up, T and i had our own family christmas just the four of us. the pups got lots of yummy pup cookies and treats, and T and i got to enjoy our gift exchange. it may sound silly, but i get more excited to see his face upon opening gifts than i do at opening my own. it really is my favorite part of our christmas :)

[childhood stocking]

A's family christmas:

when we are up at my parents' for the holiday, the day itself is split between festivities at their house and my uncle and aunt's. first, of course, is christmas morning at my parents' with my grandparents and brother. as always, there were lots of laughs and tender moments. then came the epic clean-up so the dogs (including my grandparents' pup, mattie) could have their christmas. you would have thought we put them on mute, they quieted so fast!

[feeling fiesty]

[mattie helping my grandpa bill unwrap his gifts]

[dad chuckling over his gift from my brother]

[ma dudes]

[with my family, everything happens in the kitchen]

then, we went to my uncle and aunt's house for christmas linner (lunch-dinner). the afternoon highlights (for me) were: exchanging funny stories with my cousins, piling into the living room for trips down memory lane, and teaching my grandma jeannie how to use instagram. it was kinda awesome.  

[aren't they cute?!]

[afternoon light]

[my adorable momma]

[s'mores pops, courtesy of my mom]

after a bit, we headed back to my parents' to unwind, watch elf (of course), and bask in the day's events. 

[chimena lounging]


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