Sunday, April 1, 2012

a day for a hike + climb

last weekend T, our friend brian + his pup, our pup and i went to the wichita mtns for some hiking and rock climbing! the weather was expected to be the perfect sunny day so we made a day of it. now for the record, i am not big on rock climbing - the boys mainly stuck to that but hiking is one of my favorite past-times so i came along :) all of the local wildlife and foliage made for some really great photos, hope you enjoy!

this photo is blurry which you'll have to excuse but i loved these longhorn cattle lining the state park trail to the mtns

if you are wondering if this is a real bison, you are correct! they freely roam the mtn range. if you are wondering how we could be so close it works on the bee principle "if you don't bother them they'll leave you alone"

i love this photo of the two pups watching the guys hike up to the climbing point. they were so upset they couldn't go there

how great is this view?!

my stud... 

i love this photo (and have so many just like it that i took that day but will spare you from seeing them all as i know not everyone wants to see 20+ pictures of just him)! the pup was so happy running around on the trails, swimming in the creek and looking out over the mtn...pretty much just being a wildpup. i'm pretty sure he dreams of when we will go back next :)

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