Friday, April 20, 2012

crooked pizza

after what was a great but long week, T and i needed something to recharge our batteries. fortunately there has been a new pizza place to arrive on campus corner so we decided to finally check it out. crooked crust has a twist take on your standard pizza with unlimited toppings (WHAT!) and yummy combinations. T and i had the white pizza which is an olive oil based crust with ricotta, mozzarella and parmesan cheese. we took advantage of the unlimited toppings and added on some spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes. since the owner was so excited about the homemade breadsticks we decided to try them out and man, they did not disappoint!

after our pizza, T and i strolled on home to enjoy the cooler spring weather and relax. i am secretly hoping to have a lazy weekend filled with sleeping in, movies, and the occassional walk with the pup to stretch my legs :)

happy weekend!

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