Wednesday, April 18, 2012

learning to swim

yesterday while the pup and i were out on a walk with caroline, boba made some new friends! they were two german shepards however the youngest hadn't acquired his love for all things water....yet. the dog's owner was telling us about how he has been trying to get the young pup more comfortable by trying to get him to play in the fountain.

 boba must've known what the owner was saying because not a minute had past before he stood next to the young one, looked down and hoped in waiting for him to join.

it took a little coaxing but the young shepard jumped in to meet boba in the middle. after a few more tries, he finally got in all on his own...boba was so excited he came up to sniff him and they continued playing! i thought it was so cute to watch it all happen especially since boba isn't typically thrilled around younger dogs. (they're cute competition for treats and attention. so he of course must pout about it until they are gone) makes me think when we bring in another puppy he will be a great big brother teaching him all his tricks including puppy eyes, pouting, swimming and occasionally stealing a banana :)

happy hump day!

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