Sunday, April 15, 2012

over the weekend

over the weekend norman was hit with a few tornadoes. friday's tornado left a huge patch of uprooted trees, destroyed buildings and power outages. fortunately T and i were at work when it hit and were as safe as could be (the pup was too since the tornado was on the opposite side of town). having been overjoyed with the fact our house wasn't damaged and the pup was happily sleeping, T and i went out for drinks to celebrate!

however, we weren't in the clear yet. saturday/sunday was predicted to be the worst of the storm to pass through so we kept our eyes on the eerie skies..

readied our candles in case the power went out....

practiced getting into our safe room (aka coat closet) with the pup in case the tornado came in the night...btw T is really a maverick at making a coat closet become comfy and inviting. as bizarre as that sounds. but nonetheless a great quality.

T made his amazing spaghetti sauce...

we had one of my guilty pleasures and watched a murder mystery to add to the spookiness of the weather. fortunately the worst part of saturday/sunday's storms didn't deliver which was a huge relief. as a native oklahoman i am used to being weary of tornadoes and occassionaly taking shelter however, it is not my favorite thing to do. especially when your 95 lb. pup feels that panting in your face and sitting on your chest in a hall closet is the only way he can feel less nervous when taking cover :)

of course all the commotion of the storms left the pup utterly exhausted. as it should. so he has spent the remainder of today catching up on his sleep.

hoping you had a less stressful weekend (as far as weather is concerned)!

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