Tuesday, April 10, 2012

life according to my iphone

[sneaking out with T during the workday to enjoy a little sun and the art show]

[spring shades and the first trees to bloom]

[a little outside picnic for lunch and five guys...yum]

[celebrating my bday with loads of sushi and drinks with my sweet friends and T]


[tower of glasswork and our blooming roses :)]

[pranking caroline. my new favorite past-time ;) lunch at cool greens]

[the pup's new favorite place to take a nap and a photo of my cousin and i goofing around]

[our new sprout pine trees to be planted soon and my pretty puppy]

[easter egg hunting and T whipping up easter lunch side dishes]

[easter treats i made for celebrating with T's family]

[i just had to share this photo of the cake i made above. beyond amazing and mixing/matching nailpolish colors]

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