Thursday, April 12, 2012

our sweet home

today the pup and i were on our way back from our walk when i noticed the smile creeping across my face as we turned down our street. it was right then that i noticed all the things i love about it like the forest of trees ahead....(side note, don't pay attention to the port-o-potty ahead. our neighbor is renovating and it will soon be gone!)

and how aside from a few, most of the trees here are tall, elder trees that look as if you couldn't make them budge even if you wished it. (if you couldn't tell yet, i am a bit of a tree lover)

but most importantly i love this house ahead. i get so excited to come to this home surrounded by tall trees, tangled vines and rose bushes. the pup even gets excited too..probably because he knows he gets a treat ;)

aside from my home i grew up in, i love everything about this house. but most importantly, even though we don't technically own it, that it is ours and we've made it our own together. me, T and the pup.

hoping your week has been lovely and you are loving your home too :)

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