Saturday, April 7, 2012

springy nights

the past few days T and i have been feeling the call to the outside to soak up the amazing spring weather before summer sneaks up on us. now you may not know this but oklahoma doesn't necessarily get your typical spring season. it's more of two weeks of crisp weather followed by months of heatwave over 100 degrees. but this year by some form of magic we have had over a month of it! it's been beyond glorious to say the least! so most nights we've been taking to the local patios for drinks and snacks to our heart's content.

thursday T, caroline and i went to the mont for burgers and happy hour to celebrate the weather and the almost end to the week :) T, brian and i then followed it up the next night with a visit to the wedge - an amazing pizzeria in the city which i have to say i am a huge fan of now!

while brian and T's faces may look as if they disliked the pizzas, it was completely opposite...they loved it (so did i by the way)! there was so much flavor you would have thought we went to a pizza-like heaven! and to top off the great pizza we had what else, but freshly made gelato.

i hope this spring weather holds on for a little bit longer so we can have more nights like these...sigh. oh please spring, say you'll stay a little longer?!

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