Monday, April 30, 2012

over the weekend part 1

over the weekend we had a little local music festival take over! T and i biked up the way since all the out of towners make it impossibly difficult to get around without taking triple the time. plus i love the excuse to trek around out in the open :)

while there, we saw loads of fun things and met up with friends...saw a new way to do a juggling act (to techno music)...fairies walking about....

a sweet weimaraner showed us his mom's homemade treat shop and T discovered a new love for fedoras...

the wandering madman was surprisingly not so mad....but a great multi-tasker with his many instruments!

all of the local artists had loads of wonderful crafts and paintings to sway even the strongest of hearts (or not so strong, like mine). i am a pretty big sucker for unique jewels and quirky accents.

happy monday!

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