Friday, April 27, 2012

me + the pup

the pup and i walk on the same path through our neighborhood every week but the other day it was as if we had traveled to some beautiful secret garden. sweet peonies and roses in bloom, low hanging vines drooping from the trees and butterfly-friendly floral bushes...and did i mention that the butterflies have invaded? it was such a great sight to see and, if you stayed still long enough, the butterflies landed on you!

clearly, boba was not amused in the slightest with the butterflies. anytime i tried to stop to make friends with the butterflies he would turn back as if to say "aw, mom! again? those fluttery things aren't that fun. come on, i think i smell more stuff!"

i am hoping the butterflies will stick around a little longer, it definitely makes our walks so much prettier. happy weekend!

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